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In the crypto world there is no such requirement for an intermediary. All token and cryptocurrency holders are free to transact and even custody these assets in any way they see fit.

Exchanges, or crypto brokers such as Bitcoin, are electronic platforms that facilitate the purchase, sale and exchange of digital currencies and tokens. Such exchanges only connect buyers and sellers, ensuring that each receives what has been negotiated, in a practical and secure way.

Exchanges ARE NOT Wallets!!! Don´t leave your assets there for long. Only the ones you are using for quick exchanges. Large exchanges are secure, but they can be racked. Although they have insurance against theft, it is better not to go through this scare.

We usually make multiple accounts, as exchanges do not list all the tokens we want and in the search for these cryptos we create accounts on different exchanges.
I will leave here the secure links so that you can check and create your accounts.
It is necessary to register and verify the identity (kyc) to access the deposit and withdrawal functions.
Soon I will post about the best portfolios and other tutorials. Gratitude.

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Use the links below, they are safer.

Binance (Worldwide)

The largest exchange in the world today.

KuCoin Exchange (Worldwide)

Coinbase (USA based)

Huobi Global (Worldwide)

Grab your BONUS

PROBIT (Worldwide) (Worldwide)

Get a bonus to sign up for and we both get $25 USD 🙂 

GATE.IO (Worldwide)

Shape Shift (Worldwide)

FTX Exchange (Worldwide)

MXC Exchange

P2PB2B Exchange

HOTBIT Exchange

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